Cerise Games

Creating a garden with a development progression, from the abandoned and withered to blooming and restored. With water supply system and fruit trees. Filled with authentic items: empty glass jars and those full of jam, flower arches, and even such cozy little things as a straw hat and a watering can.
About the customer:
A small team with a big crush on puzzle games. The creators of The Last Garden.
Alexey Naumov
Alexey Naumov
"We were looking for an artist via groups and "job hunters" when one of the managers of Infinite Art contacted us. We decided to give them some art for drawing while searching. The guys picked up a great theme and style, and we decided to stop our search on their studio. They do an impressive job with a superior approach, the team is highly experienced. They do their job very fast. In terms of the budget, this studio is comparable to several full-time employees, and in terms of speed, it’s absolutely faster."
CEO Cerise Games